Julie Partansky Garden at North Davis Ponds

Julie Partansky Garden at North Davis Ponds

Davis, February 23, 2021

We went to the North Davis Ponds on February 21st to see the wood ducks there.  I have never seen a wood duck in the wild, only pictures.  Those little guys are so gorgeously colored it’s unbelievable.

Before we got to the lookout we came to the Julie Partansky garden.  I think this is a really nice remembrance for Julie.  She was the mayor of Davis for a time and got national recognition at least once during her term.  That was for the toad tunnel I believe.  She was the kindest, most inquisitive, and creative person who ever served on the City Council.  She passed away in her early 60s, much too young.  Here are some pictures of the garden,

What a nice tribute, thanks Julie.


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Wood Ducks at the North Davis Ponds

Wood Ducks at the North Davis Ponds

Davis, February 22, 2021

We went to the North Davis Pond on the 21st to see wood ducks because the local paper had pictures of them.  We saw at least five that day and did not have a camera with us.  So we went back the next day and, sure enough, not a wood duck to be seen.  Darn.  Oh well, we got lots of pictures of the other birds and they’re pretty special too,

Here’s the vista point,

Birds on the water,

And more birds.  The pond is low already and it’s only February,

Year around residents?

Lots of birds live here,

And a couple here, I suppose,

What a beautiful way to spend some time.

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We Try to Whale Watch

We Try to Whale Watch

Bodega Bay, February 15, 2021

Lynn and I went to Bodega Head on a Monday thinking it won’t be too crowded because it’s Monday.  The idea was that we would sit with our binoculars and hope to see gray whales on their migration north.  We’re told that they are usually close to shore with their calves trying to avoid predators.  Well, it wasn’t too crowded because it was freezing cold and the wind was howling.  Not too comfortable.  It wouldn’t have been so bad but we weren’t dressed for the cold.  So our visit was brief.  Here we are looking south from our perch on the rocks,

Cold and gray and windy,

More cold, gray, and windy,

And more,

Even the birds were in the lee of the wind,

Taking off into the wind,

Enough already,

So we went into Occidental and had coffee,

Much warmer, still it was a fun day,

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